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Membership Packages

We at Planet Health believe in providing flexible programs, facilities and services to ensure our members get the most out of their membership.
Each and every one of us has our individual needs and makes different choices to suit our lives accordingly. We offer Monthly, Quarterly,
Half yearly and Annual packages. Apart from these packages we also offer:

Life Style Membership
  • Weight training
  • Cardio vascular training

Group Exercises
  • Kick Boxing
  • Power Yoga
  • Aerobics
  • TRX
  • Boot Camp
  • Zumba

Weight Loss / Gain Package

Fitness Challenge (FC)
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The program is designed for members looking for weight loss, with the complete solution plan for 2 months to achieve 7.5 kgs weight loss. On achieving the target weight loss the client rewarded with money registered by him for the same plan i.e. the program money back plan, if the client achieves 7.5 kgs weight loss in 2 months with the complete facilities offered to them.

Following facilities includes for Fitness challenge –
  • Weight Training
  • Cardio Vascular Training
  • 3 sessions of Diet Counseling
  • Personal Training
  • Body Composition Analysis

Weight Loss With Weight Management Facilities Offered
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It usually involves modifying the person’s diet and lifestyle. It begins with the nutritionist taking the Member’s diet and lifestyle information. It involves eating habits, medical problem, family history, daily schedule, likes and dislikes of the person etc. It is then followed by diet plan and counselling of the person, basically to motivate to follow a disciplined approach towards his lifestyle. The person is encouraged to make a healthier choice while eating at home as well as outside.

Daily Monitoring : Daily monitoring is done, by giving a small dairy to the member where he can list down his daily eatsing
pattern once the diet is given. It usually gives gist to the nutritionist of how well the diet is being followed and modification is
to be done if required.

Following facilities are included –
  • Weight Training
  • Cardio-vascular
  • Nutrition counseling

Weight Gain Program With Weight Management
This package aims at gaining healthy weight. It helps you to gain muscle weight and thus improve your strength levels.
The package includes -
  • Weight training
  • Diet counselling with supplement awareness - supplements to increase the muscle mass of the body.
  • Daily Diet Monitoring - This is done with the help of diary.
  • Body Fat Analysis (once in month) - Body fat analysis determines the body composition of the member.
    E.g. protein content, fat percent, water Content etc. It helps nutritionist to plan the diet according

Personnal Trainging (PT)
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PT is one individualized training given to client, it is a top-up plan. Prior appointment is to be taken for the same.
Clients should go to PT in following condition -
  • Beginner, never worked out in gym
  • To up lift the motivational level
  • Clinical condition E.g. diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, etc.
  • Specialized fitness goal

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